SIMPLY AMAZING AND BLESSED!  When we look back and think about the over 1000 friends who joined us for the 2024 Ft. Wayne Dance for All, we realize we must be doing something right!!  We cannot thank our guests enough for continuing to support our event.  Additionally, we want to thank our official sponsor, Brooke Graham, for joining us and experiencing what we do.  She was so impressed by the choreographers and dancers, that she has signed on as the official sponsor for 2025! Be watching for new music!!  www.brookegrahammusic.com

The Ft. Wayne Dance for All Choreography Exhibition is the largest in the United States!  We were so excited to have 96 entries for 2024.  Congratulations to our overall winner, Jason Turner.  Jason will be joining our staff in 2025!  Choreography division winners are:


                                1st:  Mark Paulino – Scootin’ Bootin’

                                2nd:  Wendy Smith – Soundtracks of My Life

                                3rd:  Jason Turner – Being the Other One


                                1st:  Jason Turner – Salt

                                2nd:  Kathryn Finley – Denim & Leather

                                3rd:  Jason Turner – Baby I’m Worth It


                                1st:  Jason Turner – Light Switch

                                2nd:  Pat Esper – Bird-iversary

                                3rd:  Mo Qureshi – Come Back Around

Guests showed up in so many fun costumes for our “Down on the Farm” theme, a spin-off from the classic “Green Acres”.  In order for Lisa (Jo Thompson-Szymanski) to move from New York to the farm, Oliver (John Robinson) had to learn to dance.  Lisa agreed to a “Dance for All” for Oliver to experience different styles of dancing so he could decide which he wanted to learn.  Clogging, Line dance, 2-Step, Pattern Partner and the Waltz were perfectly performed.  

We are so excited to announce the theme for the 2025 Ft. Wayne Dance for All!  “IT’S ELECTRIC”!  Barney and I are celebrating our 20-year anniversary of the Ft. Wayne event, and we are going to throw one heck of a party!  Be sure to mark your calendars for February 27 – March 2nd.