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The Ft. Wayne Dance for All Choreography Exhibition is open to everyone. We feel our panel of professional judges will score honestly and fairly.

“To qualify for “overall”, a choreographer must enter one dance in at least three of the four divisions offered:  Beginner; Improver; Intermediate/Advanced; Phrased.  Phrased is defined as a dance with different segments that do not happen in order:  A,B,A,A,B, or A,B,A,B,A,B,C etc.  Dances with restarts will NOT be considered as Phrased and/or a dance with only 1 tag less than 24 counts will NOT be considered as Phrased.  Please contact event directors with any questions regarding the proper division.

Please read rules carefully regarding phrasing and level of dance.


  • All competitors and guests dancing with competitor must purchase weekend pass.
  • Competition is scheduled for Friday afternoon.  Approximate time will be determined by the number of entries.
  • Dance scripts are due by February 1st and should be submitted in .doc or .pdf format (1 page if possible).
  • $5 per dance entry and only three (3) dances per division per choreographer are allowed.
  • Dance is not allowed if scheduled at the event prior to exhibition.
  • Music with foul language is NOT acceptable and will be disqualified.
  • Beginner, Improver and Intermediate/Advanced entries will be danced four walls. Phrased entries will be danced to the final phrase change.
  • Acrobatic moves are not allowed at any time. These movements include:
    • Any move where both legs are above the waist height of the competitor
    • Any move where the competitor’s weight is on one or both hands
    • Any move where a competitor sits or lies on the floor. (This includes splits.)
  • Vulgar or crude movements are not allowed. Movements beyond the pint of flirtation, humor or comedy will result in dance being penalized.
  • Dancers entering exhibition are responsible for ensuring they are fully up-to-date with rules.
  • Dancers must be in the ballroom 15 minutes prior to exhibition. Each entry’s number will be called twice. If the dancer is not on the floor ready to dance, they will be disqualified.
  • Level of dance must be consistent with choreography. The guide below may be used to determine level of dance. Step
    descriptions must identify with the proper level. Other determining factors such as BPM should also be considered in
    selecting the level of dance.  Judges will be watching this very closely!

3 Step Turn Ball Change Boogie Walk Cha-Cha
(Cuban Motion)
Brush Bump Developpe Gallop
Charleston Coaster Heel Ball Change Heel Jacks
Cross Cross Rock Arabesque Kick-Ball-Cross
Crossing Triple Dig Lock Step Lunge
Drag Grapevine
(aka Vine)
Mashed Potatoes Monterey Turn
Grind Hitch Moon Walk Progressive Turns
Hook Hop/Jump Ronde de Bras Sailor Step
Jazz Box/Triangle Kick Sailor Step/Turning Stationary Turns
Kick-Ball-Change Point Sugar Foot Swivet
(fwd, back, side)
Scoot Toe/Heel/Cross Triple Turn
Skate Slide Twinkle Vaudeville
(Stomp Up)
Step Turn
(Pivot Turn)
Camel Walk Wizard Step
Stomp Sway Count “a” Toe/Heel/Cross Swivels
Swivel Touch Spin Sailor Shuffle
Triple Step Walk
Weave Mambo

Music must be turned in by 5:00 pm Friday at the Registration Desk.  Dancers should have a backup USB stick and bring to the competition. You may also email to directors ( with submitted sheet.

  • Music used in Exhibition must be listed first on the step sheet.
  • Entries will be danced a total of 4 walls, unless Phrased Division (TBD, depending on time.)
  • Choreographer or at least one co-choreographer must perform dance, unless due to injury. (Prior approval by event directors is required).
  • Awards are scheduled for Friday night in the Main Ballroom.
  • Proper execution will make it easier for judges to evaluate the dance.

Judging is scored in 5 categories:

CONTENT – 15 points

  • Variety, complexity and originality of dance positions, moves and dance maneuvers.  Selection of dance maneuvers and combinations of these maneuvers and their relationship to the music.


  • Flow of steps to include transition to different directions.  Steps for the music phrasing, accents, rhythm and tempo.

EXECUTION – 5 points

  • Proper execution of basic step patterns, framework and hand, head, arm and body movements. Timing, rhythm, balance and smoothness of dance.  (Although the actual choreography is being judged, execution must be considered as a determining factor in some cases where the alike steps are included in multiple dances.)


  • Attitude, enthusiasm, energy and excitement. Pride in dancing. Relationship with the audience.


  • Of or relating to the publicizing of a dance, so as to increase dancers’ and instructors’ awareness of the dance. This does not necessary mean the judge will promote, but will this dance appeal to the dance community.

ATTIRE:  No hat or boots required.  Any type of “dance shoe” is acceptable. If judges feel attire is not acceptable, a conference will be called, to include event director(s), resulting in entry being dropped a full placement in final scoring or possible disqualification.  Due to time restrictions, costumes changes between dances and/or divisions are not allowed.

Judges deal in privileged information.  We encourage judges socializing with everyone; however, they are not to discuss specific judges’ observations or rulings.  Judges’ will not coach, teach, and critique dancers they are judging until after the end of the competition. They should interact professionally with competitors and in no case discuss the results of any competition while the event is ongoing.  All decisions of the Judges’ findings / rulings and Event Director(s) are considered final. Questions on administration and / or execution of the competition should be directed to the Event Directors.   Questions involving after the fact rules interpretations should be held until after awards.  Judges are asked to write comments during the dance however, due to time restrictions may not have the opportunity to write for every entry.

Non-compliance of rules and guidelines by competitors may result in point loss / disqualification.

The Choreography competition will be available to purchase on a DVD from the event.


Scores will be emailed to competitors the week following the event.

(Revised 3.29.16)